2021-2022 OPEN HOUSE

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Related Arts

Ms. Rouse

Ms. Gonzalez

Ms. Rey

Mr. Collier

Ms. Peavy

Ms. Landress

Mr. Elder

Mrs. Haas

Ms. Cubilette

Ms. Stunkard

Social Studies

Mr. De Genaro

Ms. Schroeder

Ms. Garcia-Varona

Ms. Federico


Ms. Shannon-Houston

Ms. Perez

Ms. Hoffman

Mr. Robbins

Ms. Wink

Ms. Piccione


Ms. Armstrong

Ms. Adams

Ms. Calvete

Ms. Vazquez

Mr. Longley

Ms. O'Gara

Ms. Hinson

English Language Arts

Ms. Gonzalez

Ms. Jahna and Ms. Robinson

Ms. Portis

Ms. Welch

Deliana Santana Diaz

Ms. Salinder

Ms. Albritton

Exceptional Student Education

Ms. Hamilton

Mr. Allcorn

Ms. Federico

Ms. Velazquez-Rowan

Ms. Deese


Ms. Wagner


Mr. Wirries

Mr. Williams