APMS Counseling Program Vision Statement:

All Avon Park Middle School Alumni are equipped with the academic abilities, emotional maturity, and social competence to be college and career ready. They are strong decision makers, who are responsible and possess the perseverance and confidence to attain their personal goals and to become leaders within our community.

APMS Counseling Mission Statement:

The mission of Avon Park Middle School’s counseling program is to deliver data-driven school counseling services to all students through rigorous curriculum, attainable goals, and positive relationship building. The Avon Park Middle School counseling department focuses on building a strong foundation for responsible citizenship, preparation for college and careers, and empowerment to achieve personal excellence through developmentally-aligned classroom instruction, small group and individual counseling. Through shared vision, humility, communication, transparency, and core values, the school counselors partner with students, families, and the community to prepare all students for a successful future.

Parents: If you would like to have a conference with your son/daughter’s teacher(s) or the Guidance Counselor, please call to make an appointment so we can serve you. Walk-in meetings are very difficult as counselors may be meeting with other parents or students, visiting classrooms for group guidance sessions, or in meetings/training.

Please make sure you sign up for the guidance Google Classroom for your grade.

6th Grade: w6syxp6

7th Grade: zuv6csn

8th Grade: wlgv53w

Guidance Counselors will be available by email or phone from 7:45-3:15, Monday - Friday

Mrs. Parker: A-K (863) 452-4333 Ext. 14271

Mr. Harden: L-Z (863) 452-4333 Ext. 14250